75 watts of output power, per channel Denon’s AVR-589 surround sound receiver features the latest high definition video connectivity, including dual HDMI latest specification v1.3a inputs and HDMI output that provides up to 1080p resolution pass-through. The AVR-589 features a precision 32 bit floating point DSP processor for optimum surround sound fidelity, a technology normally only found on much more expensive components. Each of the five equal power amplifier channels features 75 watts of output, able to drive the widest variety of home theater speaker systems. The AVR-589 also features Audyssey MultEQ in-room multi-point analysis that measures the in-room response at up to six different listening positions, and then fine-tunes the response for the smoothest, most natural-sounding tonal balance. And, the AVR-589 is among the first to include Audyssey’s remarkable new Dynamic Volume processing, which eliminates jarring volume shifts between TV shows and commercials, as well as Audyssey Dynamic EQ to ensure rich bass and smooth tonal balance, even at low volume levels. As well, the AVR-589 features media network connectivity (via optional ASD-3N/3W) bringing music and photos from your collection to your home theater system. In addition, the AVR-589 includes iPod connectivity (via optional ASD-1R/3N/3W), along with our exclusive new Compressed Audio Restorer technology that revitalizes portable audio tracks.