Music SuperDisc: High Definition Surround Sound, High Definition Stereo SUPERDISC FEATURES High Definition Surround Orchestral Surround Experience In The Room Surround Experience High Definition Stereo High Definition Digital Music Files Dolby Headphone Surround Great Jazz Artists Perform an All-Time Holiday Classic The soundtrack from the television classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, perfectly captured the holiday mood and spirit. Now with acclaimed pianist David Benoit and incredible artists like Vanessa Williams, Chaka Khan, Brian McKnight, and Norman Brown, you can hear all new recordings of timeless holiday classics from the beloved animated special. SuperDisc Delivers A Better Holiday Music Experience Besides the stereo disc included for your CD player or car stereo, Monster Music brings you these artists in full High Definition Surround Sound on a SuperDisc. Playable in any DVD player, SuperDisc lets you choose between more than one experiene like the Orchestral experience, putting you right in the middle of the orchestra, or In theRoom that puts the artists and musician right in the middle of your room. And for audiophiles, there are even High Definition Stereo tracks in 96K/24bit lossless audio SuperDisc Gives A Surround Experience From Your iPod Direct from the master recordings are High Definition Music files ready to download to any computer or portable music player that supports WMA (Windows) or AAc (Apple iPod). Even better are Dolby headphone music file that simulate surround sound through any pair of headphones.