Deepen Your Connection with the Audience with Vocalist Live 3! An innovative tool to add to your vocals for live performance, DigiTech Brings you the Live 3 Harmony and Pitch Correction Pedal. Stomp on a switch and fill the room with natural, full-sounding vocal harmonies that adapt to the notes being played. DigiTech Vocalist Live 3 Features Intelligent 3-part Harmony Lead voice plus 2 more Real-time pitch correction Vocal Preamp Channel Strip Warmth (tube preamp), Compressor, 2-band EQ, Low Cut and Noise Gate Gender Control gives the harmonies a male and/or female voice Humanize Control adjusts the natural sound of the harmonies from loose to tight Five Harmony Patches Save harmony settings, each with an A and B part Built-in Guitar Chorus Effect & Guitar Tuner 3 Reverb settings and 5 Delay settings Using musIQ technology, the Live 3 automatically follows the chord progression on your guitar to create musically accurate harmonies. The Live 3 keeps the lead vocals right on target with